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Design For Hello

Hello: Developer Search Engine Interface

Redesigned an interactive interface for startup "Hello,"a search engine that is optimized for developers and technical questions. Created a prototype tailored to streamline technical inquiries, redefining the search experience for developers.

UX Design // Iterative Design


Eyetracking: Website Usability Evaluation

Designed and evaluated two distinct website versions using eyetracking for usability and efficiency analysis, employing A/B testing methodology.

UX Design // UX Research

Bonno Presentation

Brand Identity & Website Design For Bonno

Introducing Bonno, a refined Turkish linen brand specializing in tablecloths, napkins, and placemats. Created an immersive brand identity and e-commerce platform, seamlessly blending sophistication and functionality to elevate the essence of Bonno in the world of fine linens.

UX Design // Brand Identity Design // Graphic Design

Brand Identity For Compete

Brand Identity & Website Design For Compete

'Compete', a fictional sports drink brought to life through innovative branding and website design. Designed bottle labels and a sleek homepage, seamlessly integrating form and function to embody the essence of 'Compete'.

UX Design // Brand Identity Design // Graphic Design

2 Designers Timeline Presentation

Two Designers Timeline

Designed an accordion fold book introducing the lives and careers of two notable designers as well as major landmarks in world and art history.

Graphic Design // Publication

Limon Presentation

Limon Zine

Created a zine called Limon, the Turkish word for lemon, with recipes of Turkish food that are always eaten with a few drops of lemon.

Graphic Design // Publication

Limon Presentation


Traditional black and white 35mm photography. I took each photo with my 35mm film camera (Canon AE-1), processed by hand, and printed in the darkroom. Then scanned the film to create digital versions for display.

Black & White Photography // Dark Room Photography

Poetry Presentation

Memoir of My Childhood

Created a website of interactive poetry consisting of words, phrases, questions, and images that remind me of my childhood. The user can move every item on the website to create their own poem.

UX Design // Digital Poetry // Graphic Design